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Patti Huber has been teaching one thing or another since high school. Each experience along the way has been a stepping stone in a journey that brought her to a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Each experience supports her own growth personally and professionally.


After working many years with adolescents who were incarcerated or in the foster care system, she started private practice. In her practice she specializes in supporting clients through journeys of life transitions, family building (foster care, adoption, or reproductive medicine), aging, grief/loss, and trauma.


Amidst the chaos of significant life events, there are lessons one can glean from the experience. These challenges are fraught with emotions as one learns to navigate the world within the context of the new normal; it usually involves a readjustment in relationships whether it with one's self or with others. Her approach involves looking deeply, honestly, and truthfully at all that presents itself for the growth and change one seeks. It is with deep regard that Patti supports individuals through the process, holding one's journey, pain, growth, and healing sacred until the light returns to one's heart.


Patti is an adoptive mom in a transracial adoption. She is passionate about helping families find the language to tell the stories of how their family came to be in a heart-centered, developmental way. Using an eclectic approach to therapy (including EMDR), she provides support to couples as well as all members of the constellation moving through their family building choices. Her practice supports individuals and professionals in the community through support groups, consultation, teaching, and therapy.


​Patti is privileged and honored to have the opportunity to work alongside clients who seek to make changes for themselves and come to a place where they can grow purposefully, live consciously, and age gracefully.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist supervised by Patti Huber, LCSW • LCS21064

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If you are experiencing difficulties in your life or problems with your relationships and want to create a healthier life that brings peace, joy, purpose, and fulfillment, Carolyn welcomes the opportunity to support you.

She is a creative, compassionate, intuitive therapist who practices holistically, integrating body, mind, and spirit. She tailors her approach to the individual needs of each client using a multi-faceted, trauma-focused approach. She holds space for your unique and diverse experiences and needs, maintaining a willingness to stay open and curious to understand each person’s truth. Carolyn believes the capacity to heal is inside each person and provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for exploration and positive growth.

She has passionately worked with youth and families for over 25 years as an educator, group facilitator, and counselor. Extensive personal growth, education, and personal and professional experiences give her a unique perspective to relate to others on many different levels. Carolyn seeks to empower children, teens, adults, and families to gain insights, access strengths, develop skills, and discover the capacity to be in a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Carolyn also enjoys facilitating groups. She recognizes the power of being witnessed and related to by other group members and the growth which occurs as a result. She currently facilitates ConnecTEEN, a group for adolescents touched by adoption, foster care or donor conception. Other group offerings include therapeutic drumming, movement, and support for different issues and stages of life.

JoAnn Fitzpatrick, LMFT

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Growing Up Is Hard To Do! 


JoAnn Fitzpatrick is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been helping adolescents, young adults and their families adapt, grow and thrive for over twenty years.  JoAnn is committed to helping her clients maximize their ability to live a developmentally healthy and relationally fulfilled life – to be able to target and move through unresolved developmental issues (both for individuals and families) at any age.  As the phrase Growing Up is Hard to Do! notes, we are influenced by so many factors that shape how we grow throughout our lives.  Whether it is helping with the normal growing pains that are present at any age or helping to identify and address more serious issues (chronic mental illness, trauma, addiction, abuse, attachment disruptions/adoption), creating a supportive therapeutic environment to maximize healthy growth is her goal. 


Throughout her career, JoAnn has served adolescents/young adults and their families within various treatment and educational settings in clinical, program development, training/supervisory, administrative and teaching roles. JoAnn’s extensive background working within a variety of treatment and educational settings allows her to bring a highly informed and experienced ability to assess and create a treatment plan specific to her client’s needs and goals. 


In addition to providing psychotherapy to high school age adolescents, young adults and adults, JoAnn also actively participates on treatment team networks of health professionals and provides education, consultation and training to students and professionals on working with developmental issues across the lifespan, adolescents, young adults, family systems, family therapy and treatment teams.

Mel Herst, LMFT

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Mel Herst is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals and families for 15 years. He is interested in helping individuals make meaning of their life experiences in order to find resolve and live a more fulfilling life. His formative experience working with foster children brought him to take a special interest in attachment and early childhood bonds. His training in the modalities of Child Parent Psychotherapy and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy helps parents and children build safe bonds when past trauma obstructs relationship bonding and development. Another area he has utilized "meaning making" and attachment is in the area of addiction and recovery. It is his hope by helping clients reexamine earlier life experiences that they can understand the role their addiction has played in their life. He enjoys working collaboratively with his clients towards a co-created goal and satisfactory solution.  

Specialties include; Adoption, Attachment, Early Childhood and Addiction/Recovery.

Betsy Walli, LMFT

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Betsy Walli is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with couples, families, and individuals to help people form closer relationships. She uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help people break out of the patterns they’re stuck in, make sense of their own and others’ emotions, and restore trust and safety in their relationships.


EFT is a research-based approach to love and relationships that has a greater success rate than most other forms of therapy -- and the improvements last long after completion of treatment, even for couples dealing with significant betrayals or lack of trust.

Charles Andrews, LMFT

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Charles Andrews is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He recognizes that sometimes we want change, and sometimes we just want to turn down the heat.  Whatever your goals for therapy, Charles will support you as you reach them and come to live the life you yearn for. He specializes in working with couples and individuals with experience in depression, anxiety, futility, anger-management, trauma, and other psychological, emotional, existential and spiritual challenges. Charles has been trained in Trauma Resiliency Model Protocol and EMDR. Charles is also available to give informative, entertaining talks on psychology, psychotherapy and in particular the problems of intimate partners.

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I am here to help you live the life you want to be living and make the decision to do just that today. Depression, anxiety, marital dissatisfaction, unhappy, under achieving or perfectionist teenagers?

Life happens, and there is a choice on how to react to each and every stimulus. Either in Fear or in Love. I can provide anyone with the tools learned in cognitive behavioral therapy towards a healthier, happier, higher functioning harmonious life. You and your family will leave my office with concrete techniques to implement immediately. I am passionate about my profession and honored to be of service.

My experiences include; 50+ plus years of living, on both coasts and the Midwest too, one marriage, a son and daughter, a B.A. and career in Advertising, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, a Middle School counselor, PTA/Stay-at-home-Mother, a psychotherapist to our war veterans, an Adolescent Specialist, a Marriage psychologist and a certified Divorce Mediator.

Dr. Deginesh (Dee) Worku,. Ph.D., LMHC, LPCC.

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My name is Dr. Deginesh Worku or Dr. Dee. I’m a licensed mental health therapist with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families.

I work with people dealing with anxiety, depression, communication problems, trauma and life transitions ( e.g., adoption, immigration, divorce, loss, etc.) which can all cause overwhelming feelings leaving you unbalanced. I also specialize in cross-cultural / multicultural dynamics understanding the impact culture has on the way we navigate and process behaviors.


I hope to create a supportive and safe environment to help you move towards your desired goals.

I’m licensed in Iowa and California and a member of The American Mental Health Counselors Association.

Pamela Boysen, LCSW

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It takes courage to seek out therapy.  More than likely you are feeling pain right now. Please know I would like to travel down this road of healing with you offering hope, ways to process what has happened, courage to explore the past, and guidance for healing so you can feel better.


At Whole Heart Therapy we use a holistic model knowing that your emotions and behaviors are entwined with experiences stored in your body.  Some of those experiences, you may not have words to describe. This means healing may not involve a lot of talking and instead we will connect with your body, your mind, and your heart. We do this through techniques called mindfulness, sand tray, Brainspotting, movement, and with families we use TheraPlay.

As your therapist, I hope to offer you a safe place to be you, to be accepted, to know you are whole, and to know you can heal. 

Natalie Asawesna, LMFT

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Natalie has always been naturally curious about how people work. With an undergrad degree in sociology and graduate degree in clinical psychology, emphasis on marriage and family therapy, she is able to connect with people ages 10-65 and support them through life’s transitions and struggles while finding joy throughout. She especially appreciates working alongside people that want to look at where they’ve been, visualize where they want to go, and take steps to get there. Natalie has worked in community mental health, school settings, private practice, and clinical supervision.

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