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Panchakarma - An Ayurvedic Detoxification Process

Bharathi Venkatachalapathy. BAMS., FAIHM., YIC, an Integrative Ayurveda Practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience, shares an Ayurvedic approach to a detoxification process called Panchakarma.

Ayurveda, the science of healing, which has been practiced for more than 5000 yrs, addresses a person as a whole – Body, Mind and Soul.

According to this system of medicine, health is defined as not just absence of disease but as state of balance and equilibrium among cells and tissues, a healthy digestive and excretory system, and a pleasant state of senses, mind and soul.

Such balanced state of health can be achieved by understanding one’s body constitution and following appropriate diet and lifestyle accordingly.

With repetitive exposure to insults in relation to food we ingest, environmental toxins, emotional distress, our body’s detoxification mechanism gets compromised and thereby leading to ‘formation of Ama’ (endo toxins).

Ayurveda, recommends regular ‘Panchakarma’ (detoxification procedure) for not just addressing one’s illness but also as a prophylactic measure in maintaining and strengthening immune system.

What is Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a detoxification process, used to cleanse the body of toxic materials / endo toxins created by disease, poor nutrition, environmental toxins and emotional trauma. It helps in awakening our body’s innate ability to cleanse through simple yet beneficial diet and herbs.

This detox process is usually performed between 3 to 6 weeks involving preparation phase, main cleansing phase and finally rejuvenation phase.

The program includes simple yet nutritious food, daily routines to help manage stress, herbal ghee, oil massages and steam, herbal enemas, laxatives, digestive teas, and rejuvenation herbs/therapies.

When to do Panchakarma?

Usually recommended during the seasonal transition (example: late summer and early fall or late winter or early spring), however, one can do this process anytime of the year, if a medical condition calls for it.

Who can do Panchakarma?

Everyone between the age of 12 years through 90 years old can go through this program.

Why Panchakarma?

In many chronic illness including skin disorders, joint pains, inflammatory conditions, weight management, post surgery, transitional phase of one’s life. It is personalized and custom tailored to individual’s health needs. The whole process begins with an extensive Ayurveda consultation and supervised by trained Ayurveda practitioner.

During the current Pandemic situation, it becomes even more important to detox and restore balance and enhance our defense mechanism.

For more information, please contact:

Bharathi Venkatachalapathy. BAMS., FAIHM., YIC,

Contact: 562-228-3939

*Bharathi is available to meet you in person and virtually.

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