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Massage Therapy/Body Work

Samantha Montoya, CMP

Mindful Massage Comprehensive & Restorative Therapy

(702) 334-0369

Samantha Montoya began Mindful Massage following her formal education in massage therapy from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. She also holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University - where her love for healing and restorative work began. Today she specializes in treating a variety of clients and their individual needs. She looks forward to working with you!

Contact her directly to schedule a massage.

Malia Daguio, CMT

Massage Therapy and Spiritual Holistic Witnessing

(714) 791-4724

Feeling loved, seen and heard are basic human needs. Massage is a conversation - deep listening and presence. I believe the combination of loving witness and touch creates a powerful wellness and healing modality. When we turn inward towards sensation and feelings, become reaquainted with our bodies and the messages they share, we discover our own creative an transormative powers. My practice is trauma informed and tailored toward women of all sexual orientations and identities, inviting women into deeper embodiment and sisterhood with meaningful support. So, whether you are suffering from an empty love cup or you have big feelings that need holding or witness, call me and experience the relief, joy, acceptance and love of embodied healing.

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