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Our intent is to offer a myriad of opportunities to enhance your knowledge, stimulate your mind, inspire your heart and soul, and nourish all of you. You are certain to find something that will support the changes you want to make for yourself and the healing you deserve.


Are you touched by adoption or foster care? Are you waiting to welcome a child into your home? Have you created your family through third-party reproduction? Do you wonder how to tell your child sensitive pieces of her story? Want to share in your experience with others who will get it?

Facilitated by Patti Huber, a licensed therapist, this small group offers a safe place, for anyone touched by foster care,  third-party reproduction, and adoption, to gather and share with those who get it.

Come be part of a safe space where your voice will be heard and held sacred. Come and experience the support you deserve. We are a fluid group of individuals who come when schedule permits, but it is always deeply supportive and healing. Bring an object that represents a piece of you to be part of the circle (you will take this back with you).

All of you and your story are welcomed here!


This support group provides a compassionate space for teens (and their teenage siblings) touched by third party reproduction, adoption, and foster care to make new connections to swap feelings, thoughts, and stories related to adoption in an understanding, safe, and supportive environment with other teens. In the company of their peers, they will expand their understanding of themselves as they share stories about their experiences and challenges with others around relationships, the complexity of family, sense of self, and identity.

Facilitated by Carolyn Ozimok, AMFT 116129 (supervised by Patti Huber, LCSW).

Registration and parental consent are required before attending.

Second Sunday of each month
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Space is limited.

For more information and to register, please contact:

Carolyn Ozimok, AMFT at

Patti Huber, LCSW at
(714) 754-6505

So much loss in a human life! From break-ups and divorce, job loss and retirement, moving house, empty nest, growing old, ill health and, of course, death - where can we honor these things that break our hearts?

The Good Grief Group is not a traditional support group, nor is it group therapy. We gather in a circle, loosely based on Native American Councils, and after a time to center ourselves body and mind, we pass around a Talking Stick and either talk (or not talk) about whatever is weighing us down. What makes our group different from therapy is that when you hold the Stick you talk out loud to the center of the circle, you can hear yourself think out loud. It is speech without reaction from others - even passing a tissue is frowned upon because it breaks a person’s concentration and makes them aware of those others. The lights are dim, the others are silent witnesses, and the speaker can speak freely. Whatever is said is held in confidence.

Facilitated by Alison Cameron, trained yoga and meditation teacher, who guides as a 'compassionate helper.’ Let Alison Cameron guide you in a compassionate exploration of how to grieve our sorrows together. From telling your story in a sacred circle through to the final guided meditation and closing ritual, you will leave comforted, supported and heard.

For more information, please contact Alison at (562) 522-8248 or email her at

Fourth Saturday of each month • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This Shamanic Workshop is off for the summer and will resume in September.

The current climate of chaos and uncertainty affects all of us, creating uncertainty and confusion about the future. In this class we will connect with our Lower World and Upper World compassionate spirit allies for the purpose of receiving insight and guidance for healing ourselves and Mother Earth.

Journeying is the foundational tool for shamanic study and healing and provides the passageway that has been used for centuries to obtain information from other dimensions, realms, and realities. Through the journeying process, you can receive information, knowledge and wisdom which you can utilize for solving problems, gaining clarity about life’s circumstances, or simply to build your awareness and understanding of the different worlds beyond. Journeying is a perfect way to learn what direction is needed in your life to facilitate wholeness.

This is an experiential class where we will enter non-ordinary reality using the shamanic journey to receive direction. In this monthly journeying class we will connect with our Lower World and Upper World compassionate spirit allies for the purpose of healing ourselves and our communities.

This Circle takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month and is facilitated by Gretchen Crilly McKay  For more information, please contact Gretchen at 714-309-7714 or

Preregistration Required - Limited Space


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