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Working with those touched by adoption, fostering, and complex blended families is both a passion and expertise for many of the practitioners. Professionals may choose to consult on clinical cases, mentoring or training opportunities. Individuals or couples may want to consult on topics related to family building, adoption, and parenting.

Specialized Consultations

Sharon Roszia, M.S. and Patti Huber, LCSW are available for specialized consultation about fostering, adoption, and complex blended families, which may include:

  • Am I ready to adopt? What kind of adoption do I wish to pursue? How do I get started? 

  • What to know about adopting a child from the foster care system, domestic adoption, international adoption, parenting trans-racially, single parent adoption, or same sex couples adoption.

  • Referrals for adoptions a competent therapist, book suggestions and connections to national organizations. 

  • All aspects of open adoptions: Getting started; confronting fears; why do it; problems that may arise; present problems in an open adoption relationship. How to talk to children about adoption at different stages of their development. How to prepare children in the family for an adoption. Search and reunion questions and resources. 

  • Treatment facilities for children; a big decision for families. Know what to look for and ask. 

  • Parenting children not genetically related whether from assisted reproductive technology, foster care, adoption, or other blended families


With collective experience of over sixty years in the field of foster care and adoption, there is nothing that will shock or surprise them — So ask away!!

Patti Huber, LCSW

(714) 754-6505 •


Patti Huber has been teaching one thing or another since high school. Each experience along the way has been a stepping stone in a journey that brought her to a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Each experience supports her own growth personally and professionally.


After working many years with adolescents who were incarcerated or in the foster care system, she started private practice. In her practice she specializes in supporting clients through journeys of life transitions, family building (foster care, adoption, or reproductive medicine), aging, grief/loss, and trauma.


Amidst the chaos of significant life events, there are lessons one can glean from the experience. These challenges are fraught with emotions as one learns to navigate the world within the context of the new normal; it usually involves a readjustment in relationships whether it with one's self or with others. Her approach involves looking deeply, honestly, and truthfully at all that presents itself for the growth and change one seeks. It is with deep regard that Patti supports individuals through the process, holding one's journey, pain, growth, and healing sacred until the light returns to one's heart.


Patti is an adoptive mom in a transracial adoption. She is passionate about helping families find the language to tell the stories of how their family came to be in a heart-centered, developmental way. Using an eclectic approach to therapy (including EMDR), she provides support to couples as well as all members of the constellation moving through their family building choices. Her practice supports individuals and professionals in the community through support groups, consultation, teaching, and therapy.


​Patti is privileged and honored to have the opportunity to work alongside clients who seek to make changes for themselves and come to a place where they can grow purposefully, live consciously, and age gracefully.

Sharon Roszia, MA

(714) 401-8674 •

Sharon Kaplan Roszia is an internationally known educator, presenter, and author who has devoted fifty years of her professional career to the institution of foster care and adoption. While working in public and private agencies as well as private practice venues, she has focused on crisis pregnancy; infertility; infant adoptions; placement of children from the foster care system, including sibling groups and teenagers, and search and reunion. The additional issues of international adoptions; trans-racial adoptions; gay and lesbian built families and traumatized children with attachment challenges have also become a specialty.

Sharon, who has worked in the field of foster care and adoption since 1963, has also paved the way in the world of open adoptions; believing in preserving connections over time. Sharon has lectured extensively both domestically and abroad. She has written three books the most recent of which - Seven Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency - will be released in July 2019, and contributed to dozens of others.  She produced training videos and written curriculum to teach both adoptive parents as well as professionals.

Sharon has also parented by birth, adoption and foster care and has watched her family grow to include great grandchildren. She has watched the powerful forces of genetics play out in her growing family and the impact of the lifelong implications of adoption on each family member.

Live in Graciousness, Gratitude and Love, not fear. There is a lesson in all that meets us on life’s journey and everything changes over time!

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